Due to COVID-19, the awarding of badges has been temporarily postponed till further notice. Stay tuned on our website for our update when awarding will resume. Thank you for your understanding.
Eat your way up to Level 10
Levels, which are based on your contributions on Burpple, will now be reflected on your profile. Level up by sharing your dining experiences on Burpple and helping others find better places to eat.
Share quality reviews to earn a badge
Every quarter, we award badges to Burpplers who consistently share genuine, informative reviews that are useful to others.

A Burppler who has shared at least 30 quality reviews in a city within the last quarter


A Supersharer who embodies Burpple’s values, hand-picked by the team

Enjoy these benefits with Burpple Badges:
Exclusive Burpple
Limited edition
Burpple swag
Product sneak
Priority slots for
community events
Be a part of our #ForeverHungry community!
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Where can I see my current Level?

Levels are displayed on every user's profile page.

My Level is wrong/is not showing up.

Please drop us an email at help@burpple.com with as much information you can provide (e.g. your username, email address associated to your account, etc), and we will assist you from there.

Will I be notified when I level up?

Of course! You will receive a notification in the Burpple app as well as via email.

Does everything I post on Burpple count as a Review?

Nope. Reviews must be tagged to a verified venue page and relate to your dining experience.

Can I still add my Review to more than one List?

Yes, you can still add your Review to multiple Lists, but note that it will only be counted once in your review count. The total number of reviews displayed on your profile has also been updated to reflect original reviews only.

Can I still add other Burpplers’ reviews to my own Lists?

Yes, you can, but note that it will not be included in your review count.

Do Levels expire?

Levels are based on your lifetime contribution on Burpple and do not expire.


When are badges awarded?

We have re-launched our Tastemakers and Supersharers award programme. The next awarding season will take place in January 2022.

Will I be notified when I’ve been awarded a Badge?

Absolutely! You will receive a notification in the Burpple app as well as via email with more information.

What is a quality review?

A quality review should help fellow Burpplers decide where and what to eat. Include useful information like dish name (to easily zoom in on the item in the menu), price, what you liked most about it, correct location and other helpful details.

Do I need to write a long review for it to be counted as a quality review?

You don’t need many words to write a good review. Just ask yourself: will this review help my fellow Burpplers in deciding where and what to eat?

Do I need to achieve a high Level to get a Badge?

Nope. Levels reflect your lifetime contribution on Burpple whereas Badges are based solely on your activity for the previous quarter.

Do I automatically get a Supersharer Badge if I posted more than 30 reviews in the last quarter?

Not necessarily. You need at least 30 quality reviews in the last quarter to receive the Badge.

Can I get a Badge for each city?

Why, yes you can! You can get badges for both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur if you fulfill the requirements for each city (at least 30 quality reviews per quarter), jetsetter.

How are Tastemakers chosen?

To qualify for Tastemaker selection, a user has to fulfill the Supersharer requirements first. The Burpple team then hand-picks those who are especially passionate for all things delicious and Burpple. Tastemakers usually spend way too much time in the app and/or thinking about their next meal, know the product like the back of their hands, share their feedback with the team frequently, and embody Burpple’s values.

What are Burpple’s values?

It’s simple really. At Burpple, we endeavour to raise the bar of the food and hospitality industry and to help people enjoy their meals by saying the truth, while being compassionate to businesses.

Do I also get the Supersharer Badge when I receive the Tastemaker Badge?

Nope. Sorry, overachievers. You can only be awarded one badge per city at a time.

What are Burpple Eatups?

Eatups are exclusive tastings at restaurants or event previews where Burpplers get the chance to meet like-minded foodies and bond over a common love for food (and Burpple).

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• A user’s review count may change with immediate effect at any time at Burpple’s discretion, should posts be deemed inappropriate or unsuitable to be considered a Review.
• A Review must contain information relevant to the user’s dining experience at the tagged verified venue page.
• Level requirements are subject to change, at Burpple’s sole discretion.
• Badges and its accompanying privileges will last throughout the duration of the quarter in which he or she is awarded, and will cease the following quarter upon the appointment of the following quarter's batch of badges.
• Badges are freshly appointed every quarter and there is no automatic renewal of the badge when it expires at the end of each quarter.
• At least half of the quality reviews counted for badge qualification must not be from hosted meals.
• Burpplers with the Supersharer and Tastemaker badges shall not conduct themselves in a manner that will adversely affect the integrity and reputation of the company.
• Burpplers awarded with badges are not permitted to use their status as “Burpple Supersharer”/”Tastemaker” to ask for or expect free food and/or special treatment at any dining establishment.
• Invitations to Burpple Eatups are only extended to Burpple Supersharers and Tastemakers themselves, unless otherwise specified.
• Burpple reserves the right to terminate badges and privileges with immediate effect at any time if a Burppler breaches any of the terms and conditions, or for any reason Burpple determines at its sole discretion to require such a termination.
• Badge requirements and descriptions are subject to change, at Burpple’s sole discretion.